Con Policies

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all who will be attending the upcoming Daikon Anime Convention, we ask that all visitors read and follow all con policies. Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to staff. Thank you.

General Behaviour

  • Food and drink is not allowed in function rooms except those designated.
  • Seating is first-come, first-served. Due to fire regulations, sitting in aisles and seating beyond the room’s capacity are not allowed, and we are bound by law to strictly enforce this.
  • Do not obstruct general traffic by standing or sitting in front of doorways, stairways and exits or by stopping in the middle of an aisle to talk to someone, take a photo of a cosplayer, or any such action that would block moving traffic.
  • Please remember talking during videos is disruptive to other attendees, and save your comments for outside.
  • Panhandling (begging for money, with or without performing music or other entertainment) is against local bylaws and will not be allowed in convention space.
  • Daikon is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not leave valuables unattended.
  • Due to the size restriction of event rooms, admittance to event rooms may be regulated and  restricted. We ask that attendees understand and please be patient as well as listento and follow staff instructions in order to ensure quick, safe and effective proceedings.
  • Laser pointers are not harmless toys; they are capable of inflicting serious eye damage. Irresponsible use of a laser pointer will result in loss of membership and expulsion from the convention.
  • Water guns and projectiles are not allowed in convention space, any use of them in public will result in loss of membership and removal from the convention. All involved parties will be required to pay the cost of any property damages suffered by individuals, dealers or the hotel.
  • Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated in any of the function spaces operated by Daikon. If caught by convention special operations or staff, you will be given a warning. If disruptive behaviour persists you will be expelled from the convention.
  • Failure to follow the rules may result in loss of membership and expulsion from the convention.
  • Have fun, enjoy yourself, be courteous to hotel staff and fellow attendees.

Children Under 13

  • An adult must accompany children under the age of thirteen at all times during the convention. Parents and guardians are responsible for the well-being and behaviour of all children in their care.
  • We ask all parents or guardians to inform their child(ren) of our convention policies.
  • We ask that all parents or guardians instruct their child(ren) to go to the registration desk if they become lost or separated.


Cosplayers with costumes that are bulky, difficult to maneuver, restrict vision, have mascot-type heads, projecting shoulders or otherwise present possible safety issues for the wearer or those they come in contact with are asked to travel with an unencumbered escort (someone in no costume or one without any restricting features) when moving through high-traffic public areas of the con. If no escort is available, you may be asked to return the costume to your
car, or remove and safely carry the portions of your costume causing concern.

Costume elements that may be offensive or disruptive are not welcome and anyone wearing them may be asked by Daikon staff to remove or cover up questionable items. It is at the discretion of Daikon staff of what may be considered or deemed offensive or disruptive.


Carrying of signs in convention space will not be allowed unless the sign is

  • A clearly understood and recognizable part of a cosplay costume (i.e.: Genma Panda’s signs)


Photography of all other aspects of the con is allowed, as long as it does not disrupt events or the flow of traffic and the subject does not object. Please be considerate and ask first before taking pictures of guests, con staff, other attendees or the general public.

Other Information


  • Daikon is a non-smoking convention. Smoking is prohibited except where venue policy  permits.

Alcohol, Drugs, Theft, Vandalism

  • The legal drinking age in Quebec is 18. Controlled substances, drugs, theft and vandalism are illegal and will be dealt with accordingly.

Name Badges

  • Your name badge is proof of your membership and must be worn at all times to guaranteeadmission to convention events.
  • Badges will be required upon entrance to ALL events.
  • Each event and or room will have a authorized volunteer member stationed there. They will request to see your badge every time you enter the room or event.
  • Refusal to present a badge when requested will result in expulsion from the convention.
  • There is NO replacement for lost badges, you will need to purchase a new one if your badge is lost.

Special Operations

  • Convention Special Operations staff will be wearing distinctive badges. If you need any assistance just ask, if you see any problems, report it promptly.

Dealers Room

Due to safety issues, Daikon will be following strict guidelines for entry to the Dealer’s Room where appropriate.

  • Restricted admissions
  • Time limits
  • Traffic redirection
  • Any other measures necessary to ensure safety.

NOTE: Weapons/Props with metal blades or lighters may be for sale in the Dealer’s Room. These items are for sale under strict guidelines – namely once sold they areprovided to the customer in a sealed box which is not to be opened or the weapon displayed in general convention areas. Doing so may result in badge confiscation and the attendee having to leave the convention.


“Glomping” is defined as (aggressive hugging, often without warning) can be disruptive and
even cause harm to unsuspecting targets or bystanders being jostled in a crowded space.
Please do not “Glomp” anyone without asking permission first. Repeated problems may be
considered disruptive behavior and result in warnings and loss of convention membership.

Daikon Weapons and Large Props Rules, Regulations, and Liability Limitations

For the safety of all con attendees, the following policy towards such items will be strictly
enforced. Costumers are expected to read and comply to it completely. Failure to do so will
result in warnings and potentially loss of convention membership.

  1. NO live firearms. Removal of firing pin or bolt does not negate this rule!
  2. NO prohibited weapons (as defined by applicable Canadian Laws).
    Examples include (but are not limited to):

    • Bali-Song (“butterfly knife”) or switchblade/dropblade style knives.
    • Nunchucks, Tonfas, Shurikens, or similarly restricted Martial Arts Weapons, which are illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada (foam models of these items are permitted).
    • Law Enforcement items such as Batons, Tazers or Mace.
  3. NO Replicas of Contemporary Firearms (i.e. beginning from the era of revolvers – U.S. Civil War forward to any currently manufactured firearms).
  4. NO metal weapons or yaoi paddles. Metal weapons shall include but not be limited to swords, knives and daggers. (Plastic or wood that LOOK’S like metal is permitted.)
  5. All weapons must be holstered, sheathed or slung in an approved fashion.
  6. Weapons will not be drawn or displayed outside of convention function space (except in the privacy of a hotel room), or in any public or crowded area.
  7. Due and full consideration must be given to physical safety and peace of mind of other persons at all times, this includes the general public and venue staff, not just other convention attendees.
  8. Daikon authorized agents reserve the right to inspect weapons and convention badge markings at any time. If a weapon is deemed unsafe by Daikon authorized agents, weapons must then be immediately (and discreetly) returned to storage (e.g.: your vehicle) for the duration of the convention. If weapons are checked in with Daikon, please note it is your responsibility to pick up your checked weapons. Any props or weapons left at Daikon beyond the close of registration Saturday become theproperty of Daikon.
  9. Horseplay (of any kind, whether participants are consenting parties or not) with weapons will not be tolerated. All persons involved may be penalized depending upon the nature of the severity of the offense. All complaints of behaviour of this nature will be dealt with immediately by Daikon.
  10. Failure to adhere to one or more of the above rules will result in any or all of the
    following penalties being swiftly enforced.
  • Immediate loss of the privilege to carry weapons
  • Expulsion, without refund, from the Daikon Convention
  • Any act of gross negligence or public endangerment may result in criminalcharges beyond the control of Daikon  (please remember that the general public may have no idea that the convention is in progress and may react in the extreme if they feel threatened).

The decision of Daikon and it’s authorized agents are final and will be strictly enforced to ensure a safe environment for all convention attendees.

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