NOTE: Please note that you must be 18 years and or older to volunteer for Daikon 2010, and or your parents or guardians MUST sign their consent on the waiver form if you are under age. Please also note that a valid government ID must be provided to show proof of age when volunteers are signing in with the volunteer coordinator. Volunteers will be able to obtain  a letter to contribute to their volunteer hours for school if requested. Volunteer hours for school will only count IF the person at school decides to accept them. It is not our responsibility to know which school accepts your hours or not, it is up to each student responsibility to find out beforehand on whether the hours will be counted for them or not for their school. Staff and coordinators have no problem vouching for hours as long as they really worked the hours.

If I am interested in volunteering what should I do?

If your interesting in volunteering please send an email to daikongen@gmail.com with your name, a valid email and with the subject heading Volunteers. Volunteers MUST be available ALL DAY for the convention.

What will I do as a volunteer?

Daikon needs as many volunteers as possible to help out with the general events at the convention. For instance such as keeping an eye on the video room and line ups etc.

If I am under 18 can I still volunteer?

Yes, but you will need your parents to sign their consent on the waiver form. The waiver form will be sent to you once we a have received an email from you requesting it. Please have the waiver form signed and sent back to us BEFORE June 25th, 2010.

How do I obtain the waiver form if I am under 18?

When you send us an email at daikongen@gmail.com please also specify that you also require a waiver from for your parents to sign. A waiver form will then be emailed back to you. Please have it signed and send it back to us BEFORE June 25th, 2010.


If you have anymore questions in regards to volunteering at Daikon, please email daikongen@gmail.com .

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